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We answer all your questions

Why an application process?

What exactly comes in my furnished suite?

The application process is implemented to allow us to curate a community of aesthetic professionals. It’s important that we stay true to our mission to help grow the aesthetic industry.

Your suite comes with a treatment table, swivel chair, storage cabinets, privacy shades, fingerprint door security, waste bin and laundry hamper.

How does the concierge help? What can I expect from the on-site staff?

Will there be other members offering the same treatments as me? What if they take my business?

The concierge and on-site staff are there to assure your clients are greeted and having the best possible experience within our space. We will gladly welcome your clients and escort them to your suite or to the lounge space where they can enjoy our coffee bar until their treatment is ready to begin. We ask that your clients/guests vacate the space once the treatment is complete.

It is possible other members will provide a similar service, however, we are looking for members with full books of business and unique offerings and a community of family-oriented view to avoid a competitive workplace.


Securing your Suite is just a few clicks away!
Tell us more about what you do and what your needs are, we'd be happy to find the perfect Suite for you.

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