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Explore our Prime Dental Office for Rent / Lease in New York City

For dental professionals poised to elevate their practice, we have an exquisite selection of dental offices for rent in NYC. These prime Manhattan real estate offerings cater to discerning dentists who seek elegantly designed dental operatories, conducive for both start-up and established dental practices. As an esteemed medical building, we understand the specific needs of healthcare practitioners, ensuring that these office spaces are equipped with the essential infrastructure crucial for a thriving medical space. Positioned in the heart of NYC, our offices for lease offer unparalleled accessibility to patients and a prestigious address for your dental practice. Real estate in this prime Manhattan locale signifies an advantageous positioning midtown Manhattan’s bustling commercial district. Convenience with a touch of dental luxury, so rent your next private office where your practice will benefit from the synergistic association with neighboring medical practices and a dense community of potential patients.

Upgrade Your Dentistry: Suites By NYLO Offers First-Class Office Space for Lease

Our dental offices are more than just a space; it’s a launchpad for dentists to deliver exceptional dental care. Each office is designed to optimize the patient experience, from the serene waiting areas to the state-of-the-art dental operatorating rooms, ensuring every visit to your dentist office embodies professionalism and comfort. Whether you’re a new practitioner or a seasoned dentist, these offices for lease provide the perfect backdrop for a productive and prosperous practice.

The commercial market in NYC, particularly in the areas surrounding Midtown Manhattan, is a highly sought-after domain for medical professionals that is why our offices for lease are proximity-perfect for both dental practitioners and their clientele. Dentists seeking to lease will discover ample opportunities for growth and networking amidst Manhattan’s vibrant healthcare community. Our dental office for rent are not merely a place to work; they are the pillar supporting your commitment to healthcare excellence, so we invite you to contact the representatives at Suites by NYLO to learn more about our upscale dental offices. Embrace the opportunity to establish/expand your practice and become part of an ecosystem where health and wellness are paramount. With our finger on the pulse of Manhattan realty, our solutions are tailored to your unique needs striving for success.

Inquiring about space for your practice shouldn’t be a hassle, so make an informed decision for your practice’s future and contact Suites by NYLO to discuss our sophisticated dental offices for lease. We collaborate to find your ideal dental office space in NYC, and give your patients the exemplary care they deserve.

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What's Included in Our Dental Office for Rent?

Suites by NYLO is removing all the headaches of opening and running
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Office Space Optimized for your Medical Practice Available for Rent

Finding the perfect dental office can be a challenging prospect for many dentists looking to establish or expand their dental practice. At Suites By NYLO, we hold the key to prime Manhattan real estate, offering a selection of office spaces designed meticulously with the needs of a modern dental practitioner in mind. From fully equipped operatories to elegant waiting rooms, our offices for rent are thoughtfully curated to suit both established and emerging dental professionals.

Whether you are a seasoned dentist or just starting, owning a private office that represents the quality of your dental practice is essential. Our portfolio includes a variety of office spaces strategically located in the bustling heart of NYC, ensuring your practice gains the visibility and accessibility it needs to attract and retain patients. With your dental office conveniently positioned in prime Manhattan locations, you provide an impeccable standard of dental care amidst the prestige and allure of the city’s most sought-after districts.

Experience First-Class Dental Office Spaces with Suites From NYLO: Designed for Your Practice's Success in NYC's Top Listings

The office space you choose speaks volumes about your practice. By selecting from our upscale listings, you’ll be situated within superb buildings that boast advanced facilities, including pre-built exam rooms with the latest dental equipment. Direct your patients to an ambient space that offers comfort and calm as soon as they step in—a necessity for a dental office that aims to alleviate the natural anxieties associated with dental visits.

Our lease terms are flexible and tailored to meet the unique demands of dentists since with our competitive rates per month, and options for both long-term leases and shorter rentals, you’ll find that establishing your own dental practice in areas such as East Side, Upper East, or Midtown is within your grasp. With Suites by NYLO, the dream of running a successful and patient-focused dental office becomes a tangible reality.

Details matter in the dental field, and they are equally important when it comes to the space you practice in. Our medical office buildings accommodate the intricate needs of a modern dental office, from sterilization rooms to dedicated spaces for digital radiography. We understand that every dental practitioner has a unique vision for their office, and our personalized approach ensures that you find a space that aligns precisely with your requirements.

Keep informed with the latest news in dentistry clinics by contacting Suites By NYLO. Our expertise in the market, combined with a deep understanding of a dentist’s professional needs, allows us to provide unparalleled service and support. We invite you to explore our current listings and discover the ideal dental office for rent that will serve as the cornerstone for your booming dental practice. The journey to a prime dental office for rent in the heart of NYC begins with us. Connect with Suites By NYLO and take the first step towards securing your professional future in an office space that is as ambitious and prestigious as your dental practice itself.

Supportive Amenities to Succes at Your Dental Practice


Electricity, Water, High Speed WiFi, Security, Cleaning, Light Dimming, Bose Surround Sound System, Kitchen & Pantry, Coffee Bar, Break Room, Event Spaces, Outdoor Spaces, Waiting Room, Common Areas


Your Suite will come with a Procedure Chair, Swivel Chair, Lockable Storage Cabinets, Private Heating & Air Conditioning, Sink with Hot & Cold Water, and your logo on the door.


Our members have the ability to rent our many platforms on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We even handle the training for you! Microneedling RF, IPL Laser, PRP Centrifuge, Body Contouring RF and much more at your fingertips.

24/7 - 365 ACCESS

Access to your own private Suite and the facilities around the clock. Book patients and treatments on your own schedule!


Your On-Site Staff is there to assure all your operational needs are taken care of. All you have to worry about is changing your mailing address, booking your clients and performing your treatments.


We offer a high-end network and community of Medical & Aesthetic Professionals for you to meet and collaborate with such as: Plastic Surgeons, Dentists, Dermatologists, Specialty Physicians Nurse Injectors, Aestheticians, Hair Transplant Doctors, Laser Technicians and much more.

Dental Community Ecosystem

 Suites by NYLO is curating and vetting a high-end professional network of dental specialties all on one floor.

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240 W 37th St 5th Floor, New York, NY 10018

Important FAQs related to our Dental Offices for Rent

What locations do Suites by NYLO offer dental offices for rent / lease?

Suites By NYLO offers prime Midtown Manhattan real estate with a selection of dental offices for lease strategically located in 240 W 37th St. 5th Floor and 65 W 36th St. 10th Floor, placing dental practices in the heart of New York City’s medical buildings cluster for optimal accessibility and visibility.

Are the office spaces at Suites By NYLO suitable for both new practitioners and established dental practices?

Yes, our dental offices are designed to facilitate the success of both start-up and established dental practices. With a variety of medical office spaces equipped with essential infrastructure, they can cater to the unique needs of all dental professionals, ensuring a productive and prosperous practice.

What features and amenities can I expect from the dental offices listed with Suites By NYLO?

Our dental offices for rent come with elegantly designed waiting areas, state-of-the-art dental operatories, pre-built exam rooms with modern dental equipment, sterilization rooms, and spaces for digital radiography. The offices offer a serene environment to optimize the patient experience and are fully equipped to meet the high standards of contemporary dental care.

How flexible are the lease terms offered by Suites By NYLO, and can they accommodate different rental needs?

Suites By NYLO offers flexible leasing options tailored to the unique demands of dental professionals. We provide competitive rates with a range of lease terms, including both long-term leases and shorter rental options, to accommodate the varying requirements of dentists looking to establish their practice in premiere NYC locations.

How do I learn more or inquire about leasing an office space from Suites By NYLO?

To learn more about our upscale dental offices or to inquire about leasing opportunities, we invite you to contact the representatives at Suites By NYLO. We will gladly provide detailed information, discuss your specific needs, and assist you in finding the ideal office space for your dental practice on the Upper East Side or in Midtown Manhattan.


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