Medical Office Spaces in West 36th St. 10th Floor, New York, NY

Bryant Park

Our location near Bryant Park offers excellent accessibility to public transportation. The park is conveniently located near several subway stations, making it easier for individuals to reach our medical office spaces. We understand that getting around the city can be challenging, but we strive to make it as convenient as possible for everyone. The nearest subway stations, such as the 42nd Street-Bryant Park Station, are equipped with elevators and ramps to ensure easy access for everyone. These stations provide convenient connections to various parts of the city, allowing patients and staff alike to travel efficiently and comfortably.

Bryant Park 10th & 11th Floor

we have taken great care to ensure that our medical office spaces meet the highest accessibility standards. Our facilities are designed with wide doorways, spacious corridors, and accessible restrooms to accommodate individuals with mobility aids or other assistive devices. We also offer designated parking spaces for individuals with disabilities near our building entrance.

At our medical office spaces near Bryant Park, we prioritize accessibility and strive to create an inclusive environment for all individuals. Whether you are a patient or a medical professional looking for a convenient space, rest assured that our offices are designed with your needs in mind. Contact us today to learn more about our accessible medical office spaces for rent near Bryant Park.

Bryant Park: 65 W 36th Street 10th Floor